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ParentZone is the UK’s most loved parent-communication App for Nurseries

ParentZone gained an impressive 4.7 overall rating from over 13,000 reviews in 2021. 

ParentZone ranked higher than its major competitors including EYLog Parent, Famly, and Blossom Parent App. ParentZone allows you to stay up to date with your child’s activities and achievements from anywhere. The app works alongside iConnect, giving childcare providers the ability to upload photos and descriptions of your child throughout the day, allowing you to observe their behaviour as well as any important milestones achieved. 

The award winning app has been garnering some impressive reviews over the last 12 months, with parents sharing their love for the convenience of the application as well as the real time updates of their little ones throughout the day.

With 464,214 registered users of the app right now, it is clear to see that this intuitive piece of kit will be an asset to any parent who has a child in the early years sector. ParentZone increases partnership between practitioners and parents allowing seamless communication between parents and nurseries. 

The application has several important features to make it easy to use by parents. It provides instant updates about a child’s day, including what they have eaten, if they have had a nap, or if they have completed an activity that contributes towards their development. Using the EYFS framework, parents can gain a better understanding of where their child is and what they have achieved. 

With contactless payments, parents will also have the convenience of paying fees by card directly from the app. Parents are able to review their invoices as well as outstanding balance, ensuring that they are always aware of the money they owe. The main benefit of this feature is the reduction in admin time for both the parent and the childcare provider. 

What makes ParentZone stand out from the rest? 

With thousands of parents choosing to log onto the service last month, it is clear that ParentZone offers a service above the rest in the sector. One great benefit of the service is the security features, including encryption of data and regular testing to ensure the utmost safety for parents and their children. 

Nursery staff such as Craig Jackson from Portico Day Nurseries have also voiced their support for this application. He stated, “The feedback we have had from parents has been extremely positive; being able to access photos and videos of their children means they feel more involved with their nursery experience and the streamlining of our invoicing process makes it easier for them to keep an eye on their payments.”

ParentZone is also interlinked with other key services, such as the application iConnect, used by early years practitioners to manage their day to day activities in a nursery setting as well as take on admin jobs. The integration of ParentZone with iConnect allows both parents and practitioners to streamline their service and ensure the best possible setting for children to develop. 

Book a demo of ParentZone this January and use the code PZ3MONTHS to get 3 months free.

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