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A poem for my Key Worker

This weekend is Mothering Sunday

A day to celebrate and say thank you to our mothers.

But we think there are a few other amazing women (and men) that need some thanks too!

Nursery Practitioners across the country are doing a fantastic job of helping to raise our children. It’s a difficult and often undervalued job. To show my gratitude I have written this poem to my daughters Key Worker.

For all of those who don’t get thanked from their children’s parents – this is for you too!

To my daughter’s Key Worker

This one is for you

To say a sincere thank you

For the things you do

You endure her tantrums

You are there to wipe her tears

And somehow you always smile

When each morning she appears!

Your kindness is incredible

Your patience is untrue

You’re always full of excitement and joy

And she loves spending time with you

You teach her new things daily

You give her a chance to play and explore

She always has a smile on her face

When she walks in through that door

You are there for her when I can’t be

When I’m needed elsewhere

When she wants a hug or a hand to hold

It’s you who shows her care

You are a mother, teacher, an entertainer

A nurse and a chef too

Me and my daughter are so grateful

That we got a Key Worker like you!

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