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Three Good Habits to Learn From Cyber-Security-Savvy Childcare Businesses

Nurseries and early years settings that have their electronic ducks in a row — in terms of integrated online record keeping and communication systems — are often the ones who are rated ‘outstanding’, and find it easier to recruit staff, and attract new families.

It’s not a coincidence that nurseries fully across their cyber security responsibilities do well, more generally, as thriving businesses. So what can we learn from these sector leaders and their good habits?

They don’t have piles of paperwork in the office*

We’d say you could take a leaf out of their book, but they don’t tend to have books. Or filing cabinets stuffed with manilla folders, logs, or ledgers. All their admin, from children’s learning journeys shared with parents in real-time, to staff holiday requests, are all handled via apps.

Because not much printing happens, and not many documents have to be passed around, processes happen more quickly and accurately — leaving more time and headspace for the important business of caring for children.

*We recently wrote a blog on: Five good reasons why nurseries should confine paper records to a filing cabinet labelled ‘The Past’.

Well-trained staff know their data security roles and responsibilities 

A recent cyber security survey by Connect and insurance specialist dot2dot found 25.5% of nursery manager respondents felt they did not have an effective Data Breach Management Plan and process in place.

Leaks can and do happen — at 23.4% of settings in the past year, our figures reveal. Forward-thinking nurseries realise this eventuality is likely, and make sure relevant training, policies, and procedures are in place. Such steps means staff are confident in their roles and responsibilities and ready to step up if a problem occurs.

They call for expert help when it’s needed

More than four fifths of respondents (80.3%) reported using nursery management software to help protect data — leaving 19.7% who cope with this responsibility in house. While it is good to take responsibility for business challenges, this can mean calling in specialists where helpful.

Most nursery managers would not try to fix a leaking roof on their own, or set up an educational schedule without consulting their early years teacher and the EYFS, so why DIY something as important as keeping important and sensitive data safe, in line with GDPR?

A company like Connect can assess your needs, help you find and implement the right solutions and — of course — show you around your new systems, so that your team is happy and confident using them.

In summary, good nurseries have lots of great practice that others can learn from, adapt, or emulate. 

If you could benefit from some help with cyber security matters we have information, support and training available.

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