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Your personnel management tool designed to manage complex staffing requirements from a single, centralised record in real-time.

Intelligently assign staff based on ratios​


See staffing ratios instantly on a Group or Site-Specific view and plan your day ahead.

For multi-site settings, you’ll be able to see all of your staff, set their preferred locations and assess who is most suitable.

StaffPlan - ratio
StaffPlan - suitability

Set your own suitability requirements & preferences

Weightings are calculated based on a number of different criteria including:

  • Preferred Site
  • Qualification Level
  • Familiarity with the Children
  • Employees Hourly Rate
  • Current circumstances (e.g furlough, clinically vulnerable)

This allows you to select suitable staff based on the criteria most important to you at any particular time.

Simplify and centralise staff rotas​

Manage rotas for large settings across multiple sites in moments. 

Select multiple staff members and assign them to multiple shifts across all of your rooms – from one simple screen.

StaffPlan - rota
StaffPlan - agency staff

Reduce the need for expensive agency staff​

When agency staff are needed, you can quickly validate requests using accurate real-time data.

Reducing the need for agency staff protects the quality of your provision and decreases the cost to your business.

Automate your payroll process

Use existing functionality in iConnect to see who’s checked in, who’s on their break and when, and allow them to sign in and out.

This enables you to confirm attendance and automate your payroll process.

StaffPlan - payroll

Manage your workforce more efficiently

StaffPlan has been designed to simplify, speed up and enhance the way you manage and assign your workforce.

With the ability to:

Create Payroll Exports

Get an instant snapshot view of occupancy and staffing ratios on any given week

Assess accurate data in
real time

Cross-site rota functionality

Automatically calculate extra bookings into ratios

Auto calculate
mixed child ratios

Reduce admin time

Print and Email Staff Rotas

Track staff absence & overtime with custom mark off statuses

Single Central Record

Quickly plan resource ensuring maximum efficiency

Validate requests for agency staff or new team members

See RAG statuses highlighting rooms that are under or over staffed

Remove the need for spreadsheets and manual entry

familiarity with children
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