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Five minutes with Charlotte Woods… on the importance of setting up software superusers

Having shaken up our employee Q&A, we’ve delved into our staff’s specialist subjects to gather more information about the powers of technology in the early years sector.

This time we’ve tasked our software training and development coordinator, Charlotte Woods, to tell us all about why ‘tech champions’ in nursery settings can be vital. Here are her thoughts…

Firstly Charlotte, why is this topic so important to you?

I come from a nursery background and have worked in support roles before joining Connect Childcare as our software training and development coordinator, so I know how crucial it is to have all the information you need when running a setting smoothly.

Nurseries are strapped for time and so when you have someone skilled enough to take on the technology responsibilities, this can really empower a team and make you more efficient as a result. 

Do you have to work in a particular role to be a superuser?

No, because it depends on the setting – it could be a manager or administrator, for example. It’s about who is the best ‘fit’ to become a ‘Connect software champion’.

I tend to work with super users who are adept at delivering information to their colleagues well – they almost have to take everything from my brain and disperse it throughout their team. That doesn’t mean you must have an IT background, but I would recommend you play to your strengths when selecting the right person for the role.

What are some of the benefits for both the superuser and setting?

You get to enhance your own development and know the intuitive software inside out. Having a superuser level of knowledge not only bolsters individual skillsets, but it means settings can move at pace and streamline operations.

At Connect, we’re always keen to train people so that you work smarter, not harder. We want to equip you with the tools to embrace their nursery management software and respond positively, and with agility, to stay ahead of tech advancements and updates.

When you have a superuser in your team, you don’t need to spend precious time on multiple training sessions because you have someone who is completely comfortable with your solution. 

When it comes to those existing skills, what should a superuser possess?

It’s ultimately down to the setting, but I’d recommend you select someone who is confident when retaining technical information and is able to communicate that well throughout the team. You should also be good under pressure and able to problem solve – an all-rounder, really.

When you’re able to release pressure off managers – because they have someone there to lean on for software expertise – that can instil confidence and help a nursery operate more efficiently.

I’ve also found that many settings tend to have ‘champions’ who are responsible for many roles – for example, safeguarding, learning and development and being an Early Years Foundation Stage specialist, so why not have a software superuser in your team too? 

When you have the confidence to move through our technology with ease, you can inspire others to do the same too. It’s all about providing time-saving and uncomplicated ways to work – all of which add value to your nursery.

How long does it take to train a superuser?

It’s all on a case-by-case basis but we offer two hours’ worth of extensive training on our iConnect and ParentZone platforms – these are two incredibly relevant tools for nursery managers to understand.

With iConnect, practitioners can have access to the observation tool and also how to save and share key moments instantly, our reporting functionality, assessments and more. Once you have completed your session, you’ll also have access to our support team to ensure you’re making the most of your tech stack.

Want to find out more about training at Connect Childcare? Head here. 

In our next Employee Q&A, our Content and Campaign Manager, Caitlin Holmes explains the importance of establishing a brand. Keep your eyes peeled.

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