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Case Study

Dawn Until Dusk

The Background

Dawn until Dusk Limited runs before and after school clubs as well as holiday care facilities for children aged 2 to 11 in Bedfordshire.

Dawn until Dusk Limited provides an exciting range of play activities in a friendly and secure environment. Activities include cookery, imaginary play, crafts and construction, sport, creative play and reading. The clubs are owned & run by Tracy Hutton & Alison Davies.

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The Challenge

Dawn until Dusk Limited was a popular out of school club. As more and more families began to use the club, invoicing became a bigger task for the small management team.

Invoices were produced manually each month, on an Excel spreadsheet with a calculator. This meant that changes to the number of hours a child had spent at the clubs was updated manually at the end of each month. Tracy at Dawn until Dusk Limited, said:

Any attempts of expansion were hindered by the mountain of administration and we struggled to open up our second and third clubs!
“It had got to the point where I was spending eight hours every month on invoicing alone. I knew that this was something we had to improve if we were to continue to grow and develop the business.”

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The Solution

The staff at began looking into the different computer software packages on the market which would allow them to streamline their invoicing processes, saving staff time and cutting down on paperwork.

The Connect Childcare software stood out to Tracy because it allowed all data: registers, child records, invoicing and staff records to be stored in one central place and update each other automatically. This would make it easier for the staff at Dawn until Dusk Limited to check availability for certain sessions, automatically produce invoices and check outstanding invoices at a glance.

We were delighted with how easy the software was to set up and the immediate impact it has had on our company, we are now about to open our 6th club, this would not have been possible without our Connect Childcare software!
said Tracy.

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The Result

Tracy concluded

"The Connect software is just amazing. From a management perspective, it has allowed us to go up a league and plan our future expansion which I don’t believe would have been possible without this software.

All of our data from registers to invoices is now in one place and because it is connected, we can book children in for extra sessions and the invoice will automatically update.
Invoicing is done at the push of a button and we don’t have paperwork to contend with anymore. This means that we can spend more time improving the childcare we offer and providing more activities for the children in our care. “Whenever we did find that we needed a tweak to the software to tailor the needs specifically to our clubs, the staff at Connect Childcare were always on hand for a support session to make changes and adjustments
“We have only skimmed the surface in terms of what the Connect software can do for us and we are really excited about discovering its full capabilities, especially in terms of recording our observations of what we do with the children and communicating this with their parents and carers.”

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