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Case Study

Lauriston Nursery

The Background

Lauriston Nursery is Fife’s leading childcare provider with 2 sites based in Kinross and Dunfermline. Founded in 2009 they are a family owned nursery, situated in a beautiful purpose built, energy efficient facility with full disabled access.

Lauriston Nursery has achieved consistently high gradings from The Care Inspectorate over the years, accredited to their fantastic environment (with their own forest!) and their excellent team. Lauriston Nursery invests in the education and training of their dedicated staff, with a high percentage being qualified to degree level. This ensures that the quality of childcare at Lauriston Nursery retains their high standard.

Lauriston Nursery invests in the education
The Challenge

The management team at Lauriston Nursery are innovative and forward thinking. Company director, Ewan Cameron, told us “When we first started the business, it quickly became apparent that a lot of the administration tasks were repetitive and time-consuming, and we were spending a fortune on printer cartridges!”

Ewan and his team set out to find a tool that could simplify their processes and free up time.

“We tried two different software products prior to engaging with Connect, each of them were good in parts but had a lot of flaws. We would fill in the gaps with our own spreadsheets.”

graph showing growth of childcare business
The Solution

After struggling with their initial software choices, Ewan started the search for a better system. He wanted to find a solution that would stop the need for manual spreadsheets and truly save time for his team. After researching the options, Ewan met with Connect Childcare.

Ewan told us;
“We found Connect Childcare back in 2012. They covered all of the areas that our original software was missing.”

Lauriston Nursery were the first Scottish nursery to introduce iConnect in their setting and have worked closely with the team at Connect Childcare to enhance the system, making it beneficial to them and other Scottish settings.
“Since 2012 we have grown our operations along with Connect growing their products. Our staff say that their tablets and iConnect are like their right arms and they wouldn't be able to operate as well without it.”

Graph showing child development
The Result

Ewan and the team at Lauriston Nursery are delighted with their decision to adopt Connect Childcare. It has enabled the setting to report accurately and operate more efficiently.

“As a Company Director, the accurate prediction of occupancy levels and cash flow forecast are really beneficial, however, the thing that I like best is that all the information is held in one neat, secure place and is not a series of paper files lying all over the place.”

Staff members love having iConnect in the rooms and having the ability to record vital information quickly and instantly.

“Our practitioners save time every day in administration and we are able to monitor room numbers and staff numbers at a press of a button.”

“When we recruit staff from other settings that do not use as advanced software, such as a Local Authority, there is the usual scepticism, however, they quickly realise how great a tool it can be.”

The ability to share information so easily with parents has had a big impact on parental communication and engagement. “Parents love ParentZone! They love being able to see what their child has eaten throughout the day or what activities they have participated in. It gives them peace of mind and shows them the great care we provide.” “My son attends one of our nurseries, every night we sit together and look through the pictures that the staff have taken throughout the day. He loves seeing the snapshots of his adventures!” Overall Connect Childcare has had a hugely positive impact on Lauriston Nursery. Freeing up time for their wonderful staff to focus on the things they do best, providing fantastic childcare to the children of Fife. As well as the amount of time saved, Lauriston Nursery has been able to make informed business decisions based on the data that the software provides. “Connect helps us to accurately forecast staffing and occupancy levels, allowing us to make proactive decisions to ensure the continuity of the great service that we provide.”

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a solution that would stop the need for manual spreadsheets

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