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Case Study

Milton Keynes College Nursery

The Background

Milton Keynes College has a dedicated onsite early years nursery which provides a safe, happy and caring environment for very young children

It is open to all, including students, staff and members of the public. The purpose-built nursery caters for the needs of children from four months to five years, offering flexible childcare that suits the different requirements of parents..

Milton Keynes College nursery software case study
The Challenge

The nursery at Milton Keynes was using a manual system to record important data and to store their invoicing information. With the added complication of the College’s finance team and other outside agencies being tasked with invoicing, bills were often wrong or went unpaid.

Karen Allford, from the nursery at Milton Keynes College, said:

We were really struggling with invoices being sent out late and then not being chased up if they were left unpaid. There were too many different people and agencies involved in the management of our nursery which was causing confusion.
“We were also spending too much time getting our registers right and ensuring that the right information was being invoiced.”

connect childcare nursery management software in red circle
The Solution

After meeting Connect Childcare’s sales team, Karen felt that the time was right for the nursery to invest in some formal nursery management software.

We saw immediately how much easier our jobs could become by using Connect Childcare’s software. It meant that we could move our invoicing in-house which has improved our efficiency and ensures that we are communicating accurately with parents.
said Karen “We can now easily make changes to our daily registers and know that these changes will be reflected in all of our data, and printing off reports, such as for daily dietary requirements, is really quick and easy.” The management team at Milton Keynes College Nursery have also been impressed with the staff at Connect Childcare. Karen said:
All of the team are excellent at providing support. If we have ever had any queries or issues, they have been instantly resolved.

iConnect online learning journal in grey circle
The Result

Connect’s software is brilliant; we have been very happy with it. We are now operating much more efficiently and we look more professional to the parents whose children are in our care.

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preschool child on Connect Childcare phone

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