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Case Study

Rainbow Day Nursery

The Background

Rainbow Day Nursery is a privately owned facility based in Bromley, Kent, that cares for babies, toddlers and pre-school children aged four months to five years.

Proprietor, Mrs Brid Stenson is actively involved in all aspects of the nursery which offers a well-planned and resourced curriculum that promotes all aspects of learning through play and introduces children to French, karate, tennis and ballet among other things.

Brid is a firm believer in the ethos that children learn best when they are happy and she and her staff, work hard to provide a challenging and learning environment for each individual child. Parental involvement is actively sought by the nursery and each child is assigned a key worker who can quickly help deal with any enquiries parents may have.

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The Challenge

All children aged three and four-years-old are entitled to free nursery education each week for 38 weeks of the year under the Government’s “Early Years” initiative. Some two-year-olds can also be entitled to similar, dependant on circumstances. Childcare tax credits are also available to some low-wage families, while many companies also include childcare vouchers in their salary packages for staff. With such a variety of fee providers and many families then going on to top-up provision or pay for it all together in the case of very young children, record-keeping and invoicing can be a very long and time-consuming business. “I have always used a software programme for all my administration, but when my previous software supplier went out of business I started looking for an alternative system that could grow over time in line with our changing needs,” said Brid.

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The Solution

Brid looked for a new system that was capable of recording attendance, forward planning, data gathering and retrieval, booking extra sessions and invoicing.

It had to be accurate and efficient and flexible enough to be adapted to cope with any extended use the nursery wanted to introduce such as records of achievement for each child.

“Connect Childcare offered the best system and the most competitive price when all the capabilities of the software were taken into account,” said Brid.

"We gave them lots of information about us, and our needs and the original software package provided was so flexible we have hardly needed to make any changes since it was first introduced, despite using it for so much more now." "The system is very easy to use, both on the main and remote terminals and the support staff are excellent, always on and hand and willing to talk us through any issues that come up.”

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The Result

The Connect Childcare software has been a real success from the outset and is now used for e-mails and all correspondence as well as record-keeping and invoicing.

Waiting lists have become more efficient thanks to the accuracy of the records kept and Brid is confident that any questions asked can be answered quickly and efficiently from the data produced.

"We do nothing on paper now administratively. Everything is 100 percent electronic, yet I know I am probably only using 10 percent of what the software is fully capable of," said Brid. “It’s my Bible and I am looking forward to the time when I can sit down and really look at what it has to offer as we are want to extend the present use to an all-encompassing system that covers records of achievements. “It really is my Bible.”

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