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Case study: Hunny Nurseries


Established in 2005, Hunny Nurseries provides home-from-home care for children 51 weeks a year. It currently has eight sites that offer safe and creative facilities to give children the perfect start to their education. Starting off with the one site — The Hunny Pot Nursery in Wigston — the provision was soon extended to offer places to more children in the local area to alleviate a lengthy waitlist. Since then, the group has grown to eight sites across Leicestershire and employs around 170 members of staff — including directors, area managers, nursery managers, room leaders, qualified staff, apprentices, administrators and caretakers. 

Hunny Nurseries transferred five of its nursery sites to Connect Childcare’s software in September 2018 and now operates Connect Childcare’s full product suite. The group decided to transfer to a new software management system due to wanting quality and consistency throughout its settings; to support document retention and for area managers to be able to support individual sites from a distance. 


One of the biggest challenges for all teams across each of Hunny Nurseries’ sites was the need for a central piece of software to reduce the time spent on paperwork and the storage of physical documents.

Not only was it a necessity for staff to be able to communicate more frequently with parents to avoid lengthy handovers at the end of the day, but another key focal point was to have a piece of tech that would enable area managers to audit multiple provisions from a distance.

In addition, Hunny Nurseries required a system that would evaluate the provision more effectively when monitoring children’s meal consumption and logging any accidents that have taken place. 


The introduction of Connect Childcare has allowed Hunny Nurseries staff to do what they do best, which is spend more quality time with the children in their care. They no longer have to spend hours writing lengthy observations and development milestones, photocopy endless forms, nor have lengthy handovers with parents at the end of the day. Plus, management now feel more in control, as they are able to monitor all children’s meals, nappy changes, medication, accidents, and teaching and learning throughout the day, regardless of working location.

Following the successful rollout of Connect Childcare across all sites, Hunny Nurseries has since been able to introduce a head office and finance team to give managers more time to focus on priority tasks. From invoicing to funding and grant allocations, the administrative teams can access the software from different office locations and the managers maintain oversight of their provision’s finances and bookings. 

The head office has also been able to support the recruitment and induction of new staff members thanks to the staff function within Connect’s management software. They can arrange Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, book any required training and complete contracts of employment. These new processes have enabled the management teams to make significant changes to their daily tasks, and now spend more time with practitioners on the nursery floor, rather than in the office. 

While all Hunny Nurseries sites use most features within the connect management software. The varying reporting functions in particular have been most useful when carrying out site audits. The ability to reflect on past observations and assessments has also proven useful for both practitioners and parents.

Implementation of the full Connect Childcare package has now been introduced across all eight of Hunny Nurseries’ sites. The group has since signed a five-year contract with Connect, which started in January 2022. 

“The benefits of using Connect Childcare have been increased professionalism and help to give managers and practitioners time to focus on the children and disseminate outstanding practice. We have been able to support each other more effectively over the telephone or online instead of having to wait for the area manager to attend the setting. The software has also given us greater opportunities for monitoring finances and auditing each provision. My advice to other nurseries considering investing in management software would be to go for it! You will not regret it. Connect’s systems have helped all our settings to work smarter, not harder.”
Tanya Bill
Director of Hunny Nurseries

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